DOL Login Page

Thank you for visiting Domino's Online!

As of Monday, May 20 we are formally retiring Domino's Online (DOL). The content and functionality of DOL has been migrated to either Domino's Live or Domino's Control Center (DCC).

Only a limited number of corporate team members will still be allowed to log in to Domino's Online.

All Franchisees, Franchisee Team Members, and Vendor account users: Password reset functionality has been moved to Domino's Live ( When you log in to Live you will automatically be taken to a password reset page if you log in with a temporary password or if your password is set to expire within the next fourteen (14) days.

Passwords reset on Domino's Live are immediately available for use on PWR, DCC, SMP, and Live. You no longer need to wait 2 hours for the DOL password reset to synchronize with these other tools.

Franchisees and Security Designees: Please use DCC ( to manage your team member accounts (add, update, delete), set temporary user passwords, set up alternate email addresses, and set up your accountant associations.